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Family Dispute Resolution

As well as offering mediation services to assist resolve disputes, we will also assist parties on an interim basis.

Interim arrangements with a planned review in 3 months can offer better outcomes for parents whilst they are otherwise coming to terms with the breakdown of their relationship.

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As a neutral mediator we help clients settle their disputes. Mediation is about helping clients find their own result.

Mediators may provide guidance about possible court outcomes and help clients understand that a compromise before court can be mutally benefical for all parties.

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If mediation or other forms of negotiation fail and the cost and delay in obtaining a Court decision are daunting - have you considered arbitration?

As an AIFLAM registered family law arbitrator we can provide an arbitral award where the parties wish to privately arbitrate their dispute or have requested the Court to refer their dispute to arbitration.

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Mediation Fees, Mediation Agreement & Costs Disclosure

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 Schedule of ADR Fees. 

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Mediation Agreement

Costs Disclosure Notice

Schedule of Steps and Expectations from the parties and their representatives

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